The Workshop

9 weeks from Zero to Know

Over this 9 week hands-on workshop, we will take YOUR CORE IDEA for a product, service, website, or app, test the idea and build on it to either launch a business, prep it for funding, or refocus on an opportunity with higher potential.

You will:

Build a business model around the idea

Test the assumptions in that model

Develop a Minimum Viable Product

Build the Project Timeline

Build the Preliminary Budget for Your Business

Have a Complete, Customer Tested, Business Plan to move FORWARD


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What you will Receive.

You will receive relevant focused instruction on various aspects of the business.


You will receive peer support on the development of

your business model, your minimum viable product, and business plan.


You will be driven to make critical decisions to maximize

your business potential and minimize your risks.


You will gain experience in clearly communicating

your ideas to potential customers and investors.


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Week 1: The Voyage Begins

Intro to Business Models and Customer Development

This is when it all begins. This is when we learn that the product and the business are not the same thing: that a business is the sum total of all the things needed to make an exchange for cash. We will use the business model template to outline all the various items needed to create that exchange. We will also learn some important distinctions between a Startup and an established business. Also we will explore the most important person in your business, THE CUSTOMER!

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Week 2: What are you Selling?

The Value Proposition

This week we explore the centerpiece of the business, the Value Proposition. A.k.a What the customer is buying. We learn that the product is an important part of that proposition, but not the only part. We will explore how to both expand and focus our value proposition to improve the likelihood of product acceptance and profitability.

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Week 4: How are they going to get it?

Distribution Channels

On Week 4 we will explore distribution channels: how the customer will know that your product exists, and how they will purchase your product. We will look at brick and mortar solutions as well as various online routes to Marketing and Fulfilling your customers order.

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Week 5: Getting there Together

Customer Relationships

Building relationships with your Customers is the single most important thing you can do to insure steady ongoing revenue and profitability for your business. We will explore the whats and hows of creating and maintaining those vital relationships.

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Week 6: Getting Paid

Revenue Models

Revenue Models is the focus for week 6. At the end of the day this is what you are working for. We will explore how different revenue models work and help choose the right one to maximize the product adoption and profitability.

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Week 7: You scratch my Back...


No Man is an Island unto Himself, the old saying goes. This week we will look at strategic partnerships the business will need to develop and nurture in order to be successful. From manufacturing and distribution suppliers, to contract programmers and product developers, to key people needed to get doors opened, many partners official and unofficial will be needed to bring the product to market.

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Week 8: How to Pay for the Venture

Resources and Financing

Unless you are independently wealthy or the tightest of shoe string budgets will suffice to launch the product, you will probably need raise funds to bring the project live. This week we look at resources (financial, talent, and capital items) needed to realize the product story we have been working on for the last 8 weeks. We will look at the various routes to financing the venture from Angels and VCs, to Kickstarters and Selfstarters.

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Week 9: Wrapping it Up

The Final Presentations

Week nine is when we wrap up the package and tie a bow around it. The final presentations on the Business Model, the Minimum Viable Product and the Business plan are presented for final review. It is our hope that the Students go on to launch their own ventures using the methodology taught during the workshop.

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